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Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Skills Park

Where Riding Skills Become Riding Style

Hidden in a lush swath of evergreen forest on the Issaquah Plateau, Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Skills Park is a progressive landscape for riders of all levels. Here, an incredible network of flowy singletrack, skinny logrides and beginner-to-expert slopestyle lines, waits to challenge your abilities. Turn by turn, drop by drop, through each perfectly manicured berm, your skills progress into style. In partnership with King County Parks, the dedicated volunteers of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance have built some of the most properly-designed—and ecologically-sustainable—trails the Northwest has to offer—all in our own backyard.

Check out the trail maps and come shred your local gnar.

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  1. MBB #

    Where is this park located? What city, what state?

    September 28, 2011
  2. Adrienne #

    Duthie Hill MTB park is located just outside Seattle, Washington. It’s a wonderful success story in terms of bringing the different local factions together to create and fund a public mountain bike park that all levels of riders can enjoy.

    September 28, 2011

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