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Diamondback Bicycles 2012 catalog copy

Diamondback Bicycles 2012 Devine Designs Women’s Intro:

It’s no secret. Women ride bikes for the same reasons guys do. We ride for that freedom found in the forest; that escape down a smooth path on a sunny day; the peace ushered in by an evening commute. And we, too, want the perfect bike that’ll take us there.

Welcome to Devine Designs—our line of bikes that pays tribute to women riders. These aren’t men’s models painted in pastel. No, at Diamondback, we started from the ground up, considering every aspect of the female cyclist. The collection features bike geometries built for our smaller frames; colors that reflect our tastes in aesthetics; and overall models that speak to our practical notions of comfort and affordability. Whether you’re seeking a mountain bike or a hybrid, a road bike, comfort bike or cruiser, you’ll find the same devotion to technology and elegant craftsmanship that’s engineered into all of our Diamondbacks, in designs specifically tailored to you. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the ride: We worked hard to make it Devine.

Diamondback Bicycles’ 2012 Compact Women’s Geometry:

Because freedom is an experience, it should be pure. At the heart of our women’s road line is our Compact Women’s Geometry. It brings the dimensions of the frame inward, creating smaller bikes more apt for petite riders. A light, agile frame responds quicker, inspiring confidence in control and giving you that burst in the get-up-and-go.

Body types are different so we offer five sizes in each model, starting at 39cm. Accenting each of our women’s bikes are crowning components: women-specific saddles, smaller stems and shorter cranks. We even put the narrower handlebars within a comfortable reach. The result is a bike that excites adventure mile after smooth mile.

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