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Catalog or brochure copy to promote snowboarding or gear

Breathe in. That’s peace crawling up the nostrils, cooling the thoughts, resting the soul. Let the shoulders relax. Give a little wiggle to allow the blood to surge. And go!

The runs are fast, but the legs, heart and mind keep time. Carve and surf, jump, sail and smack and keep going. The legs are the drivers, twisting, rolling and directing. The upper body is stable but nimble, just along to enjoy the ride.

Look out. Far out. Makes you feel small. Young, but humble, appreciative. It makes you want to accept the challenge. To explore, jumping from peak to peak in an adventure that lasts till nightfall. The steeper the better. The snow conditions will have to be matched. You can trust your board; it’s taken you through ice and heavy powder. You know what to do with each. You just want to feel your gloves graze the mountain side and knees become what they were meant to be.

This isn’t the backcounty. It’s not a scene ripped from the pages of any wanderlust magazine. This is just a Sunday afternoon shred session in the Cascades. And it’s making the toes tingle, the heart pump and the bird spread her wings.

Let’s ride.

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