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2nd Annual Women of Winter Backcountry Clinic

As winter backcountry terrain becomes more accessible and touring technology improves, more women are taking command of their ability to venture beyond the gates on their own. Smart, ambitious and passionate about the mountains...

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Crystal Mountain and The King

The great thing about snowboarding is that every single run is its own adventure, right? Whether you're lapping the chairlift or conquering a few hikes out of bounds, every time you drop in there's a new mission at hand: Find the line...

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To the Adventurous Spirits

The mountains cannot be tamed. Every snowboarder and skier knows this. It's that wildness that harbors their allure. But with great reward, comes great risk and today two avalanches in the Cascades claimed four lives...

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A snowshoe adventure in Hyak territory

I found myself on a snowshoe adventure outside Snoqualmie's Hyak resort the other morning in a crowd of complete strangers. It's a historic area, but I found discovery in unlikely places. I thank our naturalistic guide, nature and these good folks...

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Gear review: SmartWool Womens Microweight Bottoms

With gear, less can mean more, right? More comfort, more versatility, more value—if done right. Well, SmartWool’s Microweight Baselayer Bottoms are. And I’ve decided I’m a genius for having recently purchased the baselayer...

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An early winter day outside

“Hey! Thinking about snowshoeing or touring with the dogs on Saturday… interested in joining? Or doing something outside?”

The message came mid-week from my friend Justus.

Me: “Alpental is opening Friday, so I was planning on hitting up the home hill for its opening weekend. Would you be into that? If the snow sucks we can snowshoe around there.”

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Opening weekend in Washington state: Stevens Pass pow turns

Oh, it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? A glowing feeling.

The snow season, my friends, is upon us.

The ride season in western Washington was rung in by the joyous chorus of bullwheels cranking up at each one of the region’s five ski resorts last weekend. Read more