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Interview with evo founder Bryce Phillips

Bryce Phillips is easily one of the most influential figures in the Northwest snow-riding scene. Founder of Seattle’s evo ski and snowboard shop and online retailer, he’s played a vital role in fostering a vibrant snow-sports community, cultivated largely through his entrepreneurial spirit, core company values and passionate staff. Read more


Evo’s 10th anniversary party

How do you celebrate your 10th anniversary when you’re the premier ski and snowboard shop in Seattle and, thus, the anchor of the local snow-riding community in a city where worshiping winter is more a lifestyle than a sport?

You throw a party for the ages and honor your guests by ushering them into the center of that pulse. Via a red carpet.

Read more

Spacecraft’s 6th Annual All-Star Sticker Sheet Party

“Spacecraft is cultural mythologies. Spacecraft is visual propaganda. Spacecraft is dreams and reflections. Spacecraft is Godzilla reruns, spicy noodles, jet lag, peeling waves and 18 inches of fresh snow. Spacecraft is a story in progress. We combine recurring characters, themes, images and ideas to create an ever-changing ancient narrative that hasn’t been written yet.”

More than a decade ago UW art history and sculpture student Stefan Hofmann began that narrative when he snapped a picture of an old Tucker snowcat at Alpental during a winter of epic snowfall. Steeped in the adventures of his past—in nights spent freezing in a van in Colorado and summer days in Yosemite scaling the granite walls—Hofmann naturally found inspiration in the mountains beyond Seattle. He says, “The mountains quickly became a spiritual place for me, a teacher of the highest caliber.” So it’s no surprise that image of the snowcat held in it the wonderment and magic the mountains afford.

But Hofmann wasn’t oblivious to social and cultural proclivities. “Fascinated by the idea that an image or object could contain intrinsic value: archetypal images as a kind of visual archeology of the mind,” he says, he began making stickers with the image of the snowcat and plastering it over the surrounding urban landscape in what he deemed “visual propaganda.” “The snowcat became a kind of pedestal for my work, a place to accumulate projects and retain their momentum,” he says.

Today, that image and all the thoughts, ideas, realities and mythologies—all the magic about time, space, man and nature—that is embedded in it, is painted across the globe from the trailheads of famous surf spots, to small mid-western towns. It’s the emblem on Spacecraft’s famous Bali-made beanies, on their provacative wallets and eccentric T-shirts. The harbinger has cultivated an army to fly its flag. But then, who wouldn’t want to come aboard that… spacecraft?

The All-Star Sticker Sheet is a collage of those ninjas. Each year Spacecraft rounds up pictures of pros and bros, major players in surf, skate and snow, and friends and family–names like Blair Habenicht, Jesse Burtner, Gigi Ruf and Mikey Basich. Making the sticker sheet is an honor and for six years Spacecraft has hosted a party to celebrate this community and culture—all the mythologies and realities that make it up. This year, the party went down at the Still Liquor Bar on Capital Hill. And while the band grooved and the camera flashes erupted in the photo booth, the crowd drank in the magic of a company founded upon an inspiration infused with “Godzilla reruns, spicy noodles, jet lag, peeling waves and 18 inches of fresh snow.”

Ryan Davis, Spacecraft marketing ninja, center, with fellow rippers

Grooves and good sounds

The iconic cat

Brian Chace is really stoked to have a picture he shot on the sheet

Sean Sweeney in the foreground, backdropped by party people

The Spacecraft bunny: the official astronaut

SnoCon’s Kenji man-handling the bunny