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Originally from southern California, Adrienne Schofhauser found her true and natural habitat in the corner of the Pacific Northwest. Here her muses run wild amid the savage mountains and evergreen trees, and down the root-mangled dirt trails and muddy singletracks. Writing comes second nature when an exhausting day on the hill leaves one breathless and inspired. Presently residing in Seattle, Adrienne moonlights as freelance writer and editor, primarily of outdoor and action sports. Daily, she serves as a copywriter at an outdoor gear company. Steeped in personal experience and embedded with a natural curiosity, her writing offers a genuine and vivid look into the subjects and personalities of those who inspirit us all.



Of course we all want to dance with our subjects. One waltz under the moonlight is all we need, and the story will be ours to tell.

But it doesn’t work that way. It’s called creative nonfiction because we can’t tamper with things like setting, mood, romance or drama–or, gasp, the lack thereof. But we can call to your attention the golden details and hang them on a foundation of character portrayal. We can take you back to the tree you never sat beneath along the sidelines of an event you didn’t attend, and make you hear the shouts roar down the course and feel the dirt spit upon your face. Suddenly, you can see the finish line, and the flurry of a finish. But you’re not at the race. You’re not even in the same country. Still, you know it’s all true—because I’ve got the quotes to prove it.

For more than five years I’ve been a professional nonfiction storyteller and copywriter. My favorites are those involving the outdoors: snow, bikes, travel and physical awesomeness on a natural canvas. But that’s just a reaction to my passions. I grew up skiing, switched to snowboarding, and am a devoted downhill mountain bike rider.

My tracks are always changing with the seasons. But the adventures never end. Mountain Tracks Media is a journal of those stories from the interior.

Thanks for your interest,

Adrienne Schofhauser

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