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The Transition: Spring in the NW

With the seasons, change our tracks: from big S-lines in light pow, to knobby-tired ruts in warm, clear-cut soil. We said goodbye to the snow as the resorts one by one brought their bullwheels to a halt for the season; and welcomed the sunshine and bugs as we picked up the pickax and rake and took to clearing trail for the first downhill race of the season out in Port Angeles, Wash.

Spring has been dry in Washington this year and no one is complaining. It means the biking is good—already. To get ready for the race out on the peninsula, our dig-day party worked the morning clearing the way for the excavator, then took several hours to ride while the machine did its duty carving a jump line into the hillside.

In the evening light, we came back with the rakes and the McClouds and manicured what is now the new intermediate trail in at Dry Hill.

Looks like it’s shaping up to be a good one this year. Hope your spring-early-summer is on track, too. Here in Washington we have to make the most out of every sunny day. We have to enjoy the music while the music lasts.

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