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An early winter day outside

“Hey! Thinking about snowshoeing or touring with the dogs on Saturday… interested in joining? Or doing something outside?”

The message came mid-week from my friend Justus.

Me: “Alpental is opening Friday, so I was planning on hitting up the home hill for its opening weekend. Would you be into that? If the snow sucks we can snowshoe around there.”

And just like that our Saturday was designed.Here in Washington, it’s almost too easy to find radical individuals to hang with on the weekends if you’re into being in the outside and adventuring just for the sake of loving it. (And, not to pull the gender card, but it’s not just the dudes that are leading the charge into awesome experiences.) Justus works at Crystal Mountain, is a shredder and is an inspirational individual, to be brief. She joined me in taking in the views at Alpy, which was quiet and beautiful on Saturday—like always.

But the snow, no.. isn’t wasn’t all that. Understandable in early season. The panorama scenes made up for it, but after a half-day of ripping up the sun-baked snow and then lunch, we took the afternoon in mellow style, donned the snowshoes and headed into the woods near Denny Creek bound for a waterfall reward.

I like coming nose-close to the treasures discovered along the way. I enjoy the rolling conversation that a silent forest evokes, that the crunch of snowshoes muffles.

Sometimes moving slower, smelling the winter pine, is just as satisfying as a hardcore shred mission—in a different sense, you know? I guess that’s why, here, it’s always easy to find great folks to go snowboarding with, touring with, “or doing something outside.”

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