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This land is..

We snuck out early on the holiday morning to do a little celebrating of our own in one of our favorite places. Blasts of sun rays shot through the tree canopy, creating a kaleidoscope scene of greens, browns and golds. We pushed our bikes up the steep trail for about an hour. I hadn’t been to these trails before, but it’s beautiful in there. There’s a lot built up. Almost like North Shore; but the dirt is drier, the lines, smoother.

And then you emerge from the trees at the top, to this. Breathe deep and wait for the strength to seep back into your legs. Look out on the sprawling valley with its coat of blue and bright green fur. Dandelions swaying in the breeze. Worth fighting for…

Oh sure, we were invited onto the boats for a day of boozin’ on the lake. “No, thanks.” And, yes, we made it back to Ted’s BBQ in the late afternoon for brews and brats. But, first things first. We like to reconnect, before losing it all to the wild night—by offering little display of independence on some not so little, not so easy, pretty damn gnarly, steep, rooty, rocky dh trails. Flying fast, hanging on. Celebrating freedom.

Besides, we still made it onto the boat in time..

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