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Riders: Kelly McGarry drops into the NW

Kelly McGarry and Billy Lewis

Oh, the life of a professional mountain bike rider: It’s all constant travel, couch surfing, early-morning shoots and late-night parties. It’s go, go, go. During the summer I hardly see Billy between his excursions to lovely places. Of late, Kelly McGarry has been in the swing of things, and using our couch as a launching pad for his NW assignments. McGarry, the mighty hucker from New Zealand, is on an ascent into mtb stardom that shows no signs of slowing, as he consistently graces podiums and magazine spreads. It’s apparent the bru can tame any beast put beneath him, but truth is he’s as hard a working rider and as nice a fellow as you’ll ever meet. I suckered The McGazza into answering a few questions for an exclusive in-depth interview as he sat on my couch. Here, some insightful thoughts straight from the Kiwi’s mouth:

You just got into town from Colorado where you took third at Ranchstyle. How was the comp and the competition?
The comp was hella cool! Good course; good crew; good prize money… Good times!

Prior to that you were all over the over west: Sea Otter, Utah, Bend, Ore. How’s all the traveling treating you?
I’m loving it. Seeing new stuff every day and riding awsome spots. Life rules.

Most prized possession on the road?
Probably couldn’t live with out Jaba the Hut—my oversized bike bag that resembles Jaba the Hutt and swallows bikes, bike parts,  dirty laundry, helmets and assorted personal effects, whole.

McGazza hard at work

What are you up to while in Seattle?
Bike riding and causing trouble.  Also shooting a video for Unit Clothing and Diamondback on some sweet Northwest dirt jumps.

You recently came on board Diamondback’s Development Force 5 team. How’s that going?
I’m so stoked on the whole thing. Everyone involved kicks ass. And the bikes are the sheezy!

You’ve known a couple of the guys for years. What’s the vibe on the team?
Yep, I’ve known Billy Lewis and Eric Porter for a few years now. It makes it alot of fun when your teammates really are your mates! Every one on the team is rad: Good vibes!

Where are you off to next?
I’m heading to Port Angeles for a race this weekend—what the hell—and then the next big trip is: U.S. Open on the East Coast followed by Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colo. Then Whistler!

What are you looking forward to most this season?
I’m looking forward to living in Whissy and cuttin’ mad laps everyday!

Final thoughts?
Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

Duly noted.

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