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Birthday bike rides

Birthday boy Billy and Sean Sweeny

Folks ’round celebrate birthdays good-style: When the sun slices through forest groves and the temperatures hover at just the right degree, the whole crew shows up. When the dirt is dry and the bikes are dialed in, when even the clouds know to stay at bay, we pedal out—up the baking fire roads and into the cool channel of trees, to celebrate one in the tribe.

It’s how we do things in this mountain-culture scene. Because the passion for riding transcends all things. And a good birthday hymn is just the sweet sound of knobby tires tearing it up, disc brakes squeaking and roostertails cascading to the ground. It’s a fast and dedicated affair, broken up by pauses to gather the breath and crew, before dropping in again to party our hearts out.

On the only sunny day sandwiched in a week of rain, we came with bikes, cameras, dogs and beers. We sweated, laughed and pushed it. We rode top to bottom. We tore back out onto the fire road and cruised back to the parking lot, where we raised one to a day well-spent—celebrating the good life and a great fellow.

Happy birthday, Billy!

The crew

Check out that Contour Cameras mount. Gettin’ things dialed.

Lulu led the way

Lacy Kemp with her pup, Rosco

Top of Crazy Ivan: Lacy, Sean, Scott, Evan, Billy, Adrian

Mudslinger, only proper

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  1. This just totally made my day! That was such a fun ride with such a great group of people. Quick! Someone else have a birthday so we can all do it again. Thanks for the lovely write up and photos, Adrienne!

    May 11, 2011

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