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Not just Gucci

I know it’s still snowing (and we’re still shredding it), but in the bike room, on these early spring days, things are heatin’ up. The glint of 2011 bike parts is illuminating particularly my Specialized SX Trail, dialing it up some big notches with Sram’s 2011 XO 10sp drivetrain. Dun dun. But, as Billy is quick to point out: “This isn’t just putting Gucci parts on your bike.” No, rather the new “battled-tested” bling sheds some serious weight from my whip as it replaces my clunky first-generation X9. It also allows me to add a gear in the rear for a 32tx36t bailout combo, a great ratio for all-mountain mastery. And it brings in the short cage derailleur for smooth sailing through snarling rocks and roots.

Add to that the ergonomic shift levers with adjustable trigger shifter, and the carbon fiber composite of the derailleur’s outer cage/forged aluminum of the inner cage and the only question is: Is the rider ready for the steed?

Well, rider’s legs need to get back in shape… But the thing shifted like a dream on test drive.

And as soon as  we call it on the snowriding season, things will get down right durtey.

Old: First-generation Sram X9 medium cage 11-34t 9sp.

New: 36t cassette. Sram XO 10sp shifter. Sram XO 10sp short cage derailleur.

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  1. I am just as antsy as you to get out on my bike and ride. ride. ride. Luckily I live in southern Utah and the weather is finally warming up and we have been able to get out and ride.
    As for replacing your cassette. I did a similar thing to my Sette Flite cross country bike. I had real issues with it. I could never get the shifter to dial in. I finally gave up on adding the extra gear.

    March 31, 2011
    • Adrienne #

      Hi Matt,
      Hmm, that is a bummer, sorry to hear. I haven’t had the chance to really take this new setup out yet and give it a good long test. But playing around with it, it shifted very smoothly. I’ll let you know if I find otherwise, later. Have fun in the Utah sun. We’re drenched in rain here—no good for snowboarding or bikes…..

      April 1, 2011

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