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New board: 2011 GNU B-Pro C2BTX

You can almost feel the pulsing angst of this board to get on snow. I mean, look at it. So badass; it’s choppin at the bit to steam things up in the cold. The GNU B-Pro C2BTX, Barrett Christy’s. Tomorrow I’ll take it for a debut ride. Seems a fitting entrance on the stage of the new year. I’ve had to wait for snow to cover up all those rocks at the entrance of International. But patience is a virtue, and proper discretion for new bases and fresh wax jobs.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a peak at my new “wicked” setup. The top sheet, in fact isn’t gloss, but textured to the snakeskin, making it even more profound. The subtle snakeskin and pink/purple dustings on the K2 Auto Agogos mounted on it creates a fusion of aesthetics.

Hannah Stouffer did the art on the board. I’m a big fan of her work: so fiery, so vehement-at-dawn; have a look here.

But you’re probably curious about the board’s specs (description hat-tip: evo):

Flex Rating: 4.5-6
True Twin

Construction and Core:Mervin AG 2 Eco farmed wood core with Sandwich construction and Quasi glass is lightweight, durable, and more responsive than telemarketers. // C2 Banana with Magnetraction Technology is the perfect combination of camber at each end and Banana Tech between your feet // Camber gives the board end-to-end stability and pop for big landings and critical lines, and Banana makes for great carving on hardpack and ice and easy float in powder and variable conditions. To top it all off, the Beans Bio Polymer Snakeskin topsheet is strong, durable, and environmentally-friendly.

Get’s ya all fired up, eh? I’ll report back from the field with an on-snow critique soon.

And, hey—Happy New Year!

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