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Christmas eve brunch at Alpental

Laps in accumulating powder, tree stashes, carves through a natural halfpipe—all tasty delightes for brunch on Christmas eve. No need to get up early this morning—not healthy on holidays. Besides there was no fresh snow. But, it came. By 2:00 p.m., after I’d hot-lapped Alpental for a good two hours, the white stuff really started coming down, in big white flakes. It’s hard to call it when you know in an hour, all will be soft and smooth again. But alas, it’s Christmas eve. Seems the storms really do prefer the afternoons ’round here—must be a NW thing: laid back, casual, cool.

The trees harbored the goods today, as typical. But visibility was low and riding proved a dexterity act. Still, hit-able stuff littered the hillside. The session served up enough fun to briefly satisfy the appetite. Now the real Christmas gluttony begins.

I’m still smiling: Getting in two hours of shred just outside the city before carrying on with the holiday, not bad in my book. Now, I’m off to hang out with these fine folks for a night of merriment. Have a Merry Christmas! Cheers!

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