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Vancouver Island paradise

Vancouver Island is a little slice of NW paradise. It doesn’t rain there, like Disneyland; or, when it does, it’s misty and refreshing. The islandscape is made of layers of rolling mountain tops, valleys with loamy single track, and a peak with an alpine resort perched atop that caters to both the ski seasoners and then bike crowd during its quiet summers. We spent a week on the island, riding squishy bikes in both Mount Washington’s bike park and throughout the massive network of Cumberland Valley trails, which consists of everything from easy XC to technical DH.

We wrote a story about it, here, for—focusing on the riding and a critique of 2011 Diamondback Scapegoat.

But absent from the story is so much from that trip: our two explorations of Miracle beach; our evening stroll around the glassy Comox Lake; our prime campsite, where we spent four nights, cooked salmon and stared like zombies into the fire’s dancing flames late into the night after long days on the trails. We rode six days out of the seven, grabbing one more morning’s ride the last day before rushing to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

When most think of an island paradise it’s little drinks with umbrellas and palm trees. We agree on having drinks and good views, but our style is little different. Here, a few more pictures from our island getaway:

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