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Stefan Hofmann & Electric Coffin’s Floating Art Show at evo

Stefan Hofmann, founder of Spacecraft, left a little note on a corner wall during the Floating Art Show at evo ski and snowboard shop’s timesinfinity gallery Friday night. The art show was presented by Hofmann and the Electric Coffin Studio. Maybe you saw the note if you attended; maybe you didn’t. The words that made it up were a little snipit—I’m sure part of a much longer conversation you could have with Hofmann—describing the purpose and mechanism of his art, which was on display.

From the note, scribbled in pencil: “My work is a distillation of meaning. Confronted with the irreconcilability of life, its divine implications and its violence, I work to build a bridge constructed from archetypal iconography clad in a pop sensibility… Each image a vignette from a larger unfolding story. I work to capture the concise moment of transition in these stories capable of translating insight and change into this space.”

His art, it’s good stuff. It’s the kind I like. It’s like a wild novel or a morbid poem, with lots of delicate lines, lots of imagery, lots of characters and beautiful words laced together with the perfect stitch. You can try an explication of it, but you still hope that the real answer is so much more complicated and thought-out. My favorite pieces were those that literally depicted floating worlds. I don’t know why. Maybe because I love—love—calm and chaos juxtaposed. It tugs on the emotions in some way strange. And I like strange.

Anyway, Hofmann’s a very eccentric fellow. I wrote a bit about his story with Spacecraft here. Through Spacecraft, he’s got some wonderful philanthropic initiatives in Bali where the majority of their beanies are made. You can read the company’s story here.

What’s exciting about all this, is that you can wear this art, or versions of it, on Spacecraft’s clothing. Makes a T-shirt more…a vignette. Pretty rad, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Post script from that night: I left inspired to be She-rah for Halloween. Scroll down to see why. Then I realized—I’m not bleach blond anymore. Does that matter?

Spacecraft’s iconic mascot haunts the gallery.

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