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Deeper Premiere in Seattle

You know how you prepare for National Geographic films? You shuttle the mind and the heart to the front row of the body; plop down in a cushy seat and expect to be wowed for the next hour or so, but are still never quite prepared for how much your mind and heart is blown right out of your body into some euphoria that makes you both giddy and longing? It’s the landscapes in the show; it’s the larger-than-life aura of the earth; it’s the sweeping, expanding and telescoping camera work; it’s the fact that your fellow-man has brought that insane experience to you.


It’s a fitting name, not only because Jones and his trusted and alienesque-talented posse go farther into the depths of exploration and snowboarding than man has gone before. But it’s fitting in that you, the viewer, are cut deep in your core with a cold slice of holy shit and a refreshing acceptance of humanity.

The doc-style film flows seamlessly from the opening flash autobiography by Jones talking about his first experience in Alaska and the impact it had on him as a teen (it created history), up through the years that Alaska’s horizons were claimed and named, to him surpassing the thrill of sleds and helis and thus…the purpose of this movie. Of days in a raging sea of snow, hikes that make your muscles scream in ache just watching, and images of the mountains and the riders’ feats in them, so glorious that they had to use music on the same scale.

To say that Deeper is a different approach to the snowboard film, isn’t a fitting analysis. It’s snowboarding, yes, but the heart of it lies in exploration. So the name has an even more acute meaning: Deeper delves into the spirit of snowboarding itself, the feeling one can only cull from one-on-one experiences with the snow and a board–outside the drop-jaw observations of others (the pros)—of the unknown on any level becoming visible, then achieved.

I know Jones is legend, as of a long time ago. But goddamn, he’s etching that eminence deep.

Seattle saw this movie a couple days ago at the Egyptian Theatre.  If you have the chance, see it on the big screen! Just be prepared; it’ll blow your %$#@ mind—and heart.

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