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Seattle Arboretum and fall

September, October. They’re the in between months for the Pacific Northwest. The summer madness is trailing off; the snow isn’t quite here. But strangely they’re two months that make my heart light and all giddy-smiles even in the midst of stressful weeks. Outside, the sun is still warm, but the air is crisp. So fresh, so peacefully dry and welcoming of stroll through Nature’s transition. Inside, the smell of squash soup and pumpkin bread fill the home and warm the soul.

Yeah, autumn is a great time here. Maybe it’s because you can look back on the summer and replay the events like a rad movie of bikes, trips and new friends. And wonder how you did it all when summer in the PNW is but a mere flash of sunshine and blue skies. And then you can look forward to winter and get all squirmy cause it’s supposed dump this season. You can plan your gear setup, buy your shiny-new latest-technology gear set-up; attend all the pre-snowfall parties and premiers, stoking the fire for the winter spirit with friends that you haven’t seen since the last time it snowed. Party and dance, take your bike out  till the snow flies.

Or, on a lazy weekend, stroll through scenes like the Seattle Arboretum, and welcome the in between. Feel your heart float as light and peaceful as the falling leaves drifting to the ground around it.

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