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Gear Review: Outdoor Research 2010 Swift Tee

Your “go-to” pieces of gear in any genre—jackets, socks, shorts, tops—hold a special place in that pile on the floor. You know you can grab them in a hurry when the call comes to head for the hills, not worrying about whether they’ll be right for the various weather conditions you’ll pass through. You know they will be, and that reassurance that feels good.

Outdoor Research’s Swift Tee is my go-to mountain biking jersey. Designed simply as an “active top” for hiking, climbing, backpacking, it’s got all the right engineering for rigorous riding in both hot and chilly temps. It’s made from OR’s TransAction fabric, which is highly moisture wicking and breathable—meaning neither sweat nor rain will cling to your skin. With that versatility, it accommodates the body’s fluctuating temps and you’ll keep cool and dry amid the changing weather.

The Swift Tee is uber light weight at only 3.7 oz. But my absolute favorite part is that it’s incredibly soft to the skin’s touch. It feels so good to wear that I’m comfy all day.

Plus, it has UPF 30+ (UVA and UBV protection)—for those of you outside the NW..

Making things better for everyone is its “anti-microbial finish.” Translation: “a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms.” Meaning you can wear this jersey for days without getting stinky.

Does it pass that test? Yes. I got my Swift Tee a month ago and have worn it mountain biking some seven or eight times in rain, sun, humidity and lots and lots of mud, both from crashing and splatter. I’ve sweated in it and subsequently cooled down in it. I have not washed it once. The only thing I can smell—even in the pits—is bug spray.

Because it’s not classified as an “mtb jersey,” you won’t find zippered pockets anywhere. It’s simple, keeping it light.

Aesthetically, it’s pretty plain jane, although the darker contours do enhance the curves of a women’s figure. I find the cut of the V-neck to be just right—not too daring, not choking. An OR insignia at the bottom is reflective, but is too small to serve much purpose.

For such a versatile and comfortable active top, the Swift tee is only $35. If you’re not looking for something with all the bells and whistles, the Swift Tee is a great everyday mtb jersey.

Provided for testing


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