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Pedal-Driven: a bike-umentary and Freehub Magazine story

Howell at the Moon Productions is a little commercial and documentary film operation out of Wenatchee, Wash. About a year ago, they took interest in an issue of importance to the outdoor community in the tiny town of Leavenworth, Wash, not far away. If you haven’t been, Leavenworth is a little piece of sunshine in a big open valley with beautiful green peaks and solid dry soil—prime conditions for getting one’s schralp on on two wheels. Unfortunately, Leavenworth remains a hot bed of tension reminiscent of the age-old conflict between renegade mountain bikers digging illegal trails and the land-management authority, who tears them out and enforces jail time on any diggers caught in the act. Howell at the Moon decided to use their cameras to explore this issue and find out whether any solutions existed that could offer a common ground to these two highly passionate factions of folks. Both, ironically, are protecting a right to public land-use.

Through their discovery, Howell at the Moon finds solutions and success stories strewn throughout the NW, and their doc leaves viewers hopeful and encouraged for the future of the sport.

I did a story for Freehub Magazine on the film project, only dipping in and out of the actual issue myself, and rather letting those guys tell the story, because it is theirs and because the film isn’t out yet. Check out the story here and then check out the documentary—which has intriguing on-camera interviews with myriad folks, and lots o’ bike porn. It’s slated for release this July and is called Pedal-Driven: a bike-umentary.

Teaser here.

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