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Interview: Kris Wehage, Research and Development Team Leader for FSA’s U.S. Office

Not too many moons ago, Billy, Kris Wehage and I went for a pedal through the mountains near Bellingham. As I’ve mentioned before Wehage is a design engineer for FSA and a pretty smart fellow and all-around nice guy. He agreed to let me pick his brain about the process of designing a bike component from conception to retail product–I’m right-brained so anyone who wields numbers to their command, fascinates me. More interestingly is that Wehage isn’t just a quiet engineer sitting on a balance ball in front of two computer monitors at work. He also goes on insane riding missions–sometimes solo. He speaks several languages and he does effortless pop-a-wheelies while the rest of us are out of breath, pedaling hard, red in the face, heart about to explode, dying trying to get our steeds up that last little steep section before the trail head to drop in. Oh yeah, and without guys like him, you wouldn’t have bike components to put to the shred.

Check out Kris’ story and all his insight over at our interview at

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