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All springy and such

Spring is here. Officially happened over the weekend and with it another heat surge. Still, it’s no reason to write off the snow season completely. Yeah, they’re not ideal conditions. Yeah, we could go mountain biking instead. But slushy snow, bluebird, and single-layer outfits make for good ride times and great goggle tans. Still, Saturday was a ghostown at Alpental, and the smell of BBQs, absent– a little depressing for the shred scene this time of year, which usually makes the most out of the dwindling snow and rising heat. Maybe there’s little energy anymore for those spirits, which had to be called on so early in the season. But for those of you not from southern California–and who didn’t grow up riding in tank tops on man-made slush–there’s still shred to be had, pow or not.

And then it rained the next day in the mountains. And I surrendered, too.

Took the opportunity a peaceful Sunday offers to experience the transition Mother Nature wrangles with this time of year: rolling storms, so thin you can see the sun on the other side; cloud bursts that last just long enough to bejewel everything when the sun tips his toes down the streets and through the parks; wind that makes a big fuss, then leaves and lets the atmosphere open up and expel the perfume begotten from the flowers; and then one last feisty storm quarreling over the sea with all kinds of issues of its own, before the sunset hushes everything with pillow-soft yellows and purples. If there’s a place to watch Spring twirl about, painting her artistry in cool mornings and warming afternoons, it’s the city by the Sound.

Gasworks Park and a big ole blanket of clouds

Seattle shred community represent: Space Needle, evo and Casual Industrees

Highland lookout: aka lovers’ perch


Spring in Seattle

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