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Diamondback Demo Day and Duthie sesh

The January rain might have turned the Build Day party and first Diamondback Demo of the year at the Summit Ridge Freeride Park (Black Diamond, Wash.), into a slosh fest for the earlier part of the day, but spirits and stoke were undeniably high. That’s usually the case when the local mtb community converges in their natural habitat. A large turnout of dedicated diggers–both young and old–worked on sculpting one of the jump lines of larger doubles (A-line). A showing of pro riders and members of Diamondback’s HDXC team hung out and rode with folks and friends. Many had trekked out from Seattle to demo Diamonback’s fleet of 2010 bicycles, which, though covered in mud, sparkled with the accents of rain drops–beckoning curious riders at all levels to slash the slick trails and get duurrtay.

Paulie from Diamondback (above left) ushered bikes in and out of the demo tents, making sure everyone got to try out the rides that intrigued them: Sorties (5″), Missions (6″), and Scapegoats (6″). Paulie’s Diamonadback’s man for everything rad. Billy Lewis, DB’s pro shredder (above center), chatted it up with riders, repping the bikes and keeping them dialed in with his mechanic’s touch. His good vibes easily attract a crowd. Evan, a product design engineer for FSA (above in the gravity hoodie and helmet) ignored the rain and got some shred on the muddy trails.

Happy fellers, Ted Davis and Cory Tepper, Recycled Cycles manager and photographer/videographer extraordinaire, respectively, were on hand. Cory’s Diamondback’s photographer. Most everything you see coming out of Diamondback’s creative ventures this year will be due to this dude. He and Billy have been working together for several years now and their collaborative skills are dialed. Check out Cory’s photos and videos on just about every mtb website out there.

Luciano Worhl (above right) is a name to note, if you don’t know it already. A member of the 2009 World’s Team, he recently signed with Corsair Bikes. The future’s only going to get more intense for this young dh ripper. So keep an eye out for him.

These steezy rides are Billy’s Assault hardtail and the Sortie Black, which he’s rendering up into a slopestyle steed. Pretty smokin’ in the rain. I rode both of these bikes–the Sortie down a berm trail at the demo, and the Assault at Duthie later in the day– and fell in love with both. The Sortie was light and super nimble and the knucklebox even on this bike makes a huge difference to the riding experience. The aluminum Assault is–well, for a chick my size–perfect for jumping because it’s so damn light, but still totally aggressive. Billy’s down with the aluminum too, and has loved this bike. The rain cleared by late afternoon, the A-line was opened up and shit went down.

Here’s Dylan Bibbins, too hot for my camera skills.

I didn’t catch his name, but he had a blue wig and was rippin.

To finish off the day, the aforementioned crew headed over to Duthie Mountain Bike Park. I got sweaty on the Assault going through the itty bitty jumps, so I didn’t document the “follow-me” sesh that was going down on the Dirty White Boy line. Cory Tepper did though. Here’s Billy getting stylish in the cloak of early evening. Check out a couple other shots from Cory here.

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