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Pray for Alpental, too!

Beautiful spring day, or dead of winter? Looks like the former… Winter and El Nino are in cahoots. And it’s killing me. Mount Si was beaming in the morning sunshine as I drove up to the mountain Saturday, praying for snow at 3,000 ft the whole way.

Well, it looked like winter at the mountain. This was Chair 2. At least it was white.. foggy-white, though, not fresh-snow-white. Friday it poured up there, turning Saturday snowriding into a heavy mash potato sesh. ‘Really couldn’t complain though. It was better than ice. I actually had a blast leaning back–way back to keep my nose up–charging, bouncing, and slashing quick calculated turns. All-in-all stoking myself out when I conquered the conditions on each run. Even without primo conditions or gnarly epic  terrain, snowboarding can provide an adrenaline rush.

I’d like to think I was just a lil more ‘core than the freaks and geeks riding heavenly Baker conditions this weekend. Yeah, yeah, I heard about ’em…

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