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Happy New Year(‘s) weekend

Four days of prancing around outside of reality ushered in 2010 for me. Went snowboarding at Alpental on a day that grew colder as it grew on, turning the rain droplets into fluffy flakes (and eventually back again). But while the wind forced us deep into our hoods and chinzips on the chair, luscious untouched pow was to be had in the trees right off the entrance of the cat track and below the tree cluster on the lower hill. Having met the proprietor of, a one Mr. Shane, on a blustery chair, we took more than our share of those stashes and powder covered rollers, but then again, it was ours for the taking. Rip, rip, rip. Probably the best day I’ve had on the snow this year. And it snowed 7 inches at the top of Alpy today–after having rained all weekend…So pretty stoked to get back out there.

Because it rained on the mountain all weekend I found myself in two popular Seattle outdoor scenarios: one, treking down to the lighthouse and along the beach at the ever-magnificent Discovery Park; and secondly, hiking up to Rattlesnake Ridge, a 2- or 4.5-mile hike, depending on what lookout you head to, just off the 90. It takes a wrench in your plans, often, to force you to stop and appreciate the surrounding treasures of the local NW. We are always going and seeing and exploring new terrain. Walking among the secrets Seattle holds in her little nooks and crannies (Discovery Park) and at the top of mountains just off of man’s highway (Rattlesnake Ridge) is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with nothing to do but watch the weather change–above and around you, transforming what you knew to into all together new experiences. Below are just a few pictures of our peaceful stroll into the new year (minus, of course, a blow-out New Years party).

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