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Summit-At-Snoqualimie website

The Summit-At-Snoqualimie revamped their website over the weekend. While it’s always hard at first to deal with new navigation on site that you visit every day (for the finicky Northwest snow report), I found this site easy to settle into. Not only is it more energized (read: hip), but it’s now a great resource for info on the resort. Each of the four mountains has its own tailored page. The weather report is much more thorough. For better or worse (probably the latter) Alpental’s still slightly arcane backcountry has its own Web page. And, probably what I like most, there’s a history page for the resort. I’m relatively new to this area, so I don’t know much about the history of the resort, which I usually find interesting, considering when the older resorts came to be and how they’ve grown.

So check out the site here. And keep an eye on the events. Jib this! is Dec. 26.

Also, went moutain biking and snowboarding again this weekend. But more on my frigid escapades to come. It’s a busy day at the office.


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