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November snapshots

Spent some time on the east side for Thanksgiving with the family. I’m not partial to the dry side, to the gray-brown rolling fields and icy mist that lingers in the thin air. But holidays on the quiet northern end of Spokane have a certain placidity to them. They involve fireplaces and frosty leaf hunting.

Seeking peace amid the holiday whirlwind, my brother and I walked to a nearby park and found beauty in November’s repose. Time always seems to slow down near a body of water, and the half hour before dusk is always the stillest time of the day. I was surprised not to find any snow on the ground. But it will come.

I had Eric snap some shots of me for the “About” page on this site–figured it was time to get my mug up into the interspace, give a face to the name.

Because it was just before dusk, the sun sat low behind the trees making it hard to capture my face in a decent light. Eric only has the flash that’s on his camera for now, and so fought the lighting with every shot. After a half-hour of squinting into the sun, my eyes were tired and the lines on my face were creased with warmth.

Now that I’m back in the city on the wet side, I can appreciate a slow sunny autumn afternoon. For now the tape recorder is back out and the clicking of the keyboard is a constant in my life.

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