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Diamondback and Duthie Hill Park

Two things. First, I’ve been alluding to Billy’s new sponsor for a while but haven’t yet said who it is: Diamondback. DB is building up a new mountain bike team after being without one for years and brought Billy on board to rep their bikes hard. So he said adios to Tonic Fabrication, whose hardtails he’d been shredding on, and hello to the fleet of steeds Diamondback is putting under him. That begins with the hardtail Assault, a beautiful 26 inch jump bike; and the Scapegoat, a burly full-suspension freeride bike–both with Fox forks. Billy’s super stoked to say the least. Diamondback’s pumped, and you can keep up with the news on their blog and see a quick Q&A Billy did for it here.

Second, finally made it out to Duthie! Tis the rainy season now and Billy and I got caught in it on both of our visits to the region’s newest mountain bike playground, but as Washington never fails to surprise, we got these shots of Billy on his new DB Scapegoat during a short sun break.

Duthie is located on the Issaquah Plateau and is fully funded by King County grant money and community donations. It’s a testament to the hard work of the local mtb crews who have spent many volunteer hours digging and building some decently big stuff for the sake of their own desires and those of the larger mountain bike community. As of now, there are a couple of pretty big flowy technical jump lines, some super fun bermy runs and a beginners’ section with little tabletops and jumps. For xc riders there’s a handful of trails that are all supposed to connect to one another in a clover desgin.

For now Duthie is on the small side as far as offerings, but the park is still being built. Plus, it’s a in beautiful section of the woods and though my pictures don’t do justice to the scenery, trust me, that swath of forest is designed for shooting and filming in.

The boy and his bike:


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