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Pedal Driven

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Here’s a teaser from Oly Mingo’s forthcoming full-length bike-umentary Pedal Driven. Closer to it’s release I’ll snag an interview with Mr. Mingo to give you the scoop on the whole story behind it, how production went and what Oly ultimately concluded were his accomplishments. But until then, here’s an enticing taste of the premise. Iz there smoke in them-thar hillz??:

In the pristine forests above Leavenworth, Washington, there exists a world of hidden trailheads and clandestine trails. Here a sect of outdoor enthusiasts, extreme mountain bikers called freeriders, have gone underground. They are the skate punks of the forest, unwelcome and under pressure to leave. The locations of their trails are carefully guarded secrets and the riders who ride them keep constant vigil, on the lookout for US Forest Service rangers.

But they won’t leave. Each time one of their trails or jumps is destroyed they sneak back in and rebuild, believing that they have a right to ride through these landscapes. And now, in an effort to combat the problem, local district rangers have been given heightened authority to put any freeriders caught on undesignated trails directly into jail….

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