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New bike!


Last week, I said goodbye to my First. They say you always remember your first. But, they probably didn’t upgrade as exponentially as I did. Suffice it to say: it’s nice to get hand-me-downs from a pro bike rider.

I began on the Mountain Cycle Fury (above). A trusty steed, it trekked with me across the painted vistas of Moab, and took me down my virgin runs at Tokul and Galbraith. But alas, Billy got a new sponsor and so I got his Sex Trail–uh, SX Trail. A Specialized. Did I mention–it’s a 2009. In the words of Cory: BOOM.

I helped Billy dismantle the Fury and build up the SX (I was also the photographer, so I’m absent from the proof). Billy has an encyclopedic knowledge of bike parts and is a bike mechanic by trade. He’s also an amazing teacher–which is why he coaches freeride at Windells. So for a six pack of something dark, he’ll help you build up a smoothly-running steed, learning you as you go.


On All Hallow’s Eve-eve we headed out to Sleepy Hollow (aka Tokul). I was worried that the SX would feel bigger than the Fury because it was a tab bit longer. But instead, the skinny frame made it so much more nimble, inspiring me to open up. The Fury also had a single-pivot suspension and with my Noobness I wasn’t able to get much out of the rear. With the SX’s 4-bar suspension, I was able to jump (the small stuff) instantly. Because it had recently rained heavily at Tokul, some of the trails were rutted out from runoff and many more rocks were exposed. The far superior bike consumed these little annoyances like a ravaging dirt monster, while I atop stayed surprisingly stable, hauling down the trail. All-in-all, I couldn’t be more stoked–or spoiled.

Many thanks to Billy for bequeathing me this beautiful bike. I promise I’ll make you proud.


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