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Riding the Nisqually Chutes in the sun

The winter sky of Washington has a certain kind of iconic haze to it. We went in search of it on a sunny afternoon on Mt. Rainier's southern flank.

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Readjusting your backcountry lens through an Avi 1 course

We all know the backcountry is a powerful place. A world that harbors the sea of deep, white magic. But how much do you really know of the powdery pastures in which you choose to play?

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The bike room

Until a week and a half ago, our master bedroom in our two-bedroom apartment atop Seattle’s Fremont Hill was the “bike room." It was a special place.

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Last breath before winter

And just like that, Neil Young's Harvest Moon came on Pandora.

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Backpacking the High Divide Loop, Olympic National Park

The High Divide Loop around Seven Lakes Basin in the Olympic National Park features "a little bit of everything" that the park has to offer for scenery and ecological zones. Billy and I spent four days looking for that and more.

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The Ozette Triangle

Every fall, Billy and I make a pilgrimage to the coast. Or rather, we run to it frantically as the heavy tide of summer seems just about to come crashing down on us---sending us out to sea.

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Late-summer dance

It's hot. The bugs are raging. It's still summer in the PNW. I will not relinquish this, my sultry season to fall's cool grace---no matter how elegant.

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